Saturday, January 8, 2011

"The Who"

The boys spent hours choreographing a dance to "Nothin' on You" by B.O.B. They called themselves "The Who" and even had strobe lights rigged up in the bedroom for their performance. They recruited Brinley to be their group manager and announcer. Once the final details were complete, Brinley took our tickets (pretend tickets) and we got ready for the show. I must say that we were quite impressed ... if the lighting was better, I would have loved to get it on video. Maybe next time! It was an AWESOME performance! We finished the night off with a little "Just Dance 2".

The Three Amigos!

Sam, Hayden and Kai ... off on a snowy adventure!

Christmas Eve Tradition: Jammies and a Movie

Every Christmas Eve the kids open a gift (always jammies) and watch a movie before laying out their stockings for SANTA.

Christmas Tradition: Puzzle

Our puzzle this year was a LAS VEGAS Night Lights puzzle ... looks cool, but harder than we thought it would be. We didn't finish until Christmas day, just before we set the table for Christmas dinner. Down to the wire!

Christmas Eve Tradition: Sledding and a Yummy Feast!

Chris took the kids sledding while I got the house tidied up for our evening feast ... crab legs, shrimp, hot wings, potato skins, veggie platter and much more. We gorged like gluttons! The kids worked on our christmas puzzle and drank hot chocolate while we waited for everything to cook. We had several sledding injuries, but the worst was Tiffany's snow/ice rash on her face ... sledding on your face is just NO FUN at all!

Christmas Eve Tradition: Gingerbread House

The kids made their gingerbread house again this year ... we decided next year that each of them will make a small one. Everyone wants to decorate the front and well, let's just say next year we're switching things up a bit!

Tiffany makes the Performance Team!

Tiffany tried out for the High School Performance Team and made it! Congrats, Tiffy!